Ali Nuhu set to release new movie ‘Karki Manta Dani’ june , 5, as clashes among actors deepen

Ali Nuhu, the king of kannywood, is set to release a new Hausa movie, Karki Manta Dani, on the 5th June, 2019, during Eidul-Fitr (Sallah) precisely.

In several Twitter and Instagram posts, Ali Nuhu said the movie is given a special outlook, unlike other movies in the Kannywood industry, adding that “Karki Manta Dani is coming at a time when Kannywood industry has never produce a movie of its kind”, he said.

The movie which was produced under FKD productions, by Naziru Dan Hajiya, and directed by Ali Nuhu, comprised of different young and emerging actors, as well as talented new singers.

Some of the actors include Shamsu Dan Iya and Maryam Boot, as the leading characters, while Ali Nuhu, Umar M. Sharif and others also featured in the movie.

The singers are Umar M. Sharif, Abdul D. One and a new young singer, Muhammad Melere, amongst many others.

Ali Nuhu, who spend decades leading the Kannywood industry, is found of featuring and uplifting young actors in his movie to fave way for them to be known and also get promoted. The like of Mansur, Hafeez, Gamunandai, and the coming Karki Manta Dani, are good examples.

Meanwhile, recently tension has deepen in the Kannywood industry over the clash between Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango, on what was alleged to be character assassination, which prompted Ali Nuhu to take the issue before a court. But later they were said to be reconciled by the Kannywood elders.

Equally, there is also ongoing trauma between Amina Amal and Hadiza Gabon over several allegations. All effort to reconsile the two proof to be abortive, and Amal took the case to court to claim her right over Gabon.

However, people have been commenting on issues of disagreement happening in the Kannywood industry, which according many people, was as a result of the actors participation in the just concluded 2019 election campaigns and activities.


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