Association distributes Sallah clothes to 2000 Orphans in Kano

A Kano based association, Hasken Al’umma, has distributed Sallah clothes to two thousand orphans in Kano, ahead of Eid celebration.

While distributing the clothes, at Mumbayya house, Kano on Monday, the leader of the association, Hajiya Aisha Aminu said they are supporting the orphans with new clothes for them to be happy, just like every other child during Eid celebration.

She said the association is always committed to ensuring good life for the orphans, adding that they should be treated the way other children are.

“ We are distributing the new clothes for the orphans to look nice and dress in new kaftan just the way all others are doing during Sallah celebration. We also want them to feel like their parents are alive. So we want to ensure that they are happy and enjoying their Eid celebration”, she said.

She further called on the wealthy people and the general public to support and help the orphans “because they are human and need to live a happier life”.

On their part, some of the beneficiaries express their happiness for the gesture they have received, adding that the association has done everything to their life.

“ I have seven orphans and they are given new clothes which include Shadda and Atamfa. We thanked the association and pray for more of its kind”, one of them said.

However, Islam has encouraged helping orphans and supporting their life, and that those who did would be rewarded by Almighty Allah.
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