‘Bribe videos’: Why Ganduje can’t be punished under Sharia–Sheik Gumi

Fierce Islamic scholar SheiK Ahmed Gumi has said if Nigeria is practising Sharia law, video evidence cannot be relied upon to find Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje guilty of collecting bribes.

Gumi, who made the remarks while answering questions following a sermon at Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna, said politicians in Nigeria are usually punished based on the laws prescribed for the kind of atrocities they commit.

“If Nigeria was an Islamic country, where the governor, president and other leaders practice pure Sharia law, then those (bribery video clips) cannot serve as evidence against (Ganduje).

“But they said they are not practising Islam, the governor, president and everyone else always insist that they are not leading based on Islamic injunctions. In fact, they often say that they were not elected to follow Islam, but just to make worldly life better for citizens. So, any laws made by them in that regard can be used as evidence against them,” he said.

“Why do they always distance themselves from Islam in the course of their duties but when they are found guilty of doing something wrong, they now come back and try to hide under Islam?”.

“Therefore, (Ganduje) must not escape, he must be arrested, tried and jailed. That’s why I always admonish them to be careful not to deceive the people. On the issue of corruption, nobody should be deceived by the politicians who want to get their votes.

“I heard someone I respect in Kano, saying that all corrupt person should be killed and jailed arbitrarily. That is wrong. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had warned us of terrible and wicked leaders who would beat us and steal our resources. But he told us to persevere and seek justice against them from Allah.

“The prophet didn’t want us to fight over money. So, if you issue an edict justifying the killing of people because of money, then you are worse than the thieves because killing is a worse crime than stealing. So, if we are following Islamic Sharia then the (video clips allegedly showing Ganduje collecting bribes cannot serve as evidence against him,” Gumi added.


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