Cashless Policy: Nigerians beg for funds to survive – Tinubu Support Group


…Lauds Gov El-Rufai’s statement against the policy

The Director Tinubu Support Groups Northwest, Hon Baffa Babba Dan’Agundi, has disclosed that over 10,000 Support Groups with over 5 million members as well as over 180 Nigerians are solemnly behind Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai for his statement on the hardship faced by Nigerians on the cashless policy.

Baffa explained that, it is not in the All Progressive Congress (APC) manifesto nor the Party’s Presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu to impose unnecessary hardship on Nigerians.

According to Him “the policy isn’t bad, whether it is done to fight corruption or to fix our economy, all we are saying is make the funds available for people to assess their hard-earned money saved in the banks” Baffa stressed.

The Director lamented how the policy has turned legitimate money earners into beggars.

“Go to ATM stand and see how over 100 people are queuing, some sitting on the floor waiting to withdraw their hard-earned money to run their daily activities”

“If a legitimate money has been reduced to a beggar, then what is the fate of a beggar who waits for alms from the legitimate money earner?” He queried.

Baffa further blasted the cashless policy saying, “the policy is bad and is not in any way going to help our dangling economy nor eradicate corruption in the country”.

He called for the availability of funds for salary earners and small-scale earners who depend on little cash in their pockets to run their daily activities.

Dan’Agundi However, thanked Governor El-Rufai for speaking against the policy in the interest of every Nigerian.


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