CITAD train 100 women on computer skills


As part of efforts to empower youths, an NGO, Center for Information and Communication Technology (CITAD) has empowered 100 young ladies with computer skills.

The empowerment program titled “Digital creative for young women with support from Lenovo foundation” has been ongoing, making this the second phase of the training.

During an interview with Suhail Sani Abdullahi the technical officer, CITAD and the coordinator of the program revealed that the ongoing exams proves who qualifies for the next phase.

“In the first phase basic computer skills was taught, now in the second phase practical stage, third phase is the implementation of all the taught, fourth phase is the mentoring stage while the fifth stage they will show visible evidence of what they have been taught”.

“Certificate will be offered to those who didn’t pass to the next phase” he adde.

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A beneficiary, Khadija Ishiaku Isa, explained that she has learnt a lot like typing and graphics.

Another beneficiary Zara’u Sabo Yusha’u revealed to acquired HCML, Corel draw and alot “I will be forever grateful to CITAD and Lenovo for granting me the opportunity to explore the world of computer” She said.

The program coordinator disclosed that to help them grow, due to time has change, we are in a digital world, everything has to do with Web design, graphic design, Corel draw and all. The training are currently ongoing Azare, jama’are.


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