Do the Yoruba have more political sense? By Zaidu Ayuba Kuli-Kuli

By Zaidu Ayuba Kuli-Kuli

From 1999-2019, Nigerians fatally lost confidence on the police force and other law enforcement agencies as well as the criminal justice system until the emergence recently of Commissioner of Police (CP) Mohammed Wakili.

Millions of people began to believe that probity & honesty still exist among law enforcement officers. All of a sudden, we saw how CP Wakili was openly victimized, simply because of political interest that will favor a few selfish people that call themselves leaders.

The Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sunusi II is one of the most passionate & poor people’s loving leader in modern history of Northern Nigeria, yet we saw how politicians & their henchmen insult him without fear or shame.

In South-West, talk bad against Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and you will immediately know that discipline, respect & morality have their place in Yoruba land, not to even talk of insulting Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi of Ile Ife, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola of Ibadan or Oba Sikiru Kayode of Ijebu land.

The Hausa-Fulani and all Northerners need to learn something: “The politics of development”. The South-West politicians, elders, rulers and even rascals only talk about development for the people in all the states of the south western Nigeria’ irrespective of parties or diversity.

The Northern people, Hausa-Fulani and the Middle belt Northerners are not conscious of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) established in 2013 to promote development in the South-west. Can the North have any manifesto or can the North mobilize to have major weight in decisions and policies?.

This is why for decades we have failed to enlighten our people, failed to organize a chain of command, failed to identify sovereign leadership; as such everyone is on his own, leading to a dislocated & undisciplined mode of doing things. In today’s northern society, loyalty had lost its meaning.

One could wonder, did the Northerners ever understand how the Yorubas think? Their respect, loyalty, discipline, morality and puritanism plus working with a common purpose?, Do we even understand that they glorify and value their race and that is why they stayed ahead economically, politically, technologically and industrially?.

The Yorubas rally its entire progressives, well meaning and resourceful population to respond to any challenges facing them. Whenever there is a political contestation, they will never rubbish their sons and daughters!. Never for any reasons or party.

They have the likes of Chief Bisi Akande, Tinubu, Obasanjo and others, yet you can never see or hear them calling them “corrupt, traitors or retired”, they can never abuse them publicly, simply because they are their resources presently and for the future. They are smart, intelligent and no Hausa Man no matter how powerful can influence them to discredit ‘the son of the soil’.

In the North, the educated ones, the illiterates, the rich, the poor and even the most immoral members of the society will openly abuse the likes of President Muhammadu Buhari, Prof. Attahiru Jega, Emir Sanusi, Atiku Abubakar, Waziri Tambuwal, Ibrahim Shekarau, Rabiu Kwankwaso and others simply because of a brainwashed political propaganda by non-northern elements.

Conscious political calculation is when you foresee your political potentials and strengths. Who will stand for us in the future for consensus, national discussions or political brokerage when we tarnish the image of our own by ourselves?.

The Yorubas advance their cause as a group, using all means of political survival, together and stronger. They have a well articulated agenda and have been working to execute it. What is the development agenda of the North? Who are the leaders of the North? Who are the loyal and conscious group that will lead tomorrow?.

The violent supplementary election in Kano state has set dangerous precedent: Good officers will learn to hide their honesty, future politicians will learn to kill and manipulate elections, Electoral officers will learn to collect more bribes to comply, the youths will learn to use wild force to achieve anything; because nothing will happen!.

Politics aside, we have rubbished ourselves. Let’s learn from the Yorubas, some respect for our elders, some sense of regional development agenda, some reasoning in weighing among two devils, some loyalty and coordinated leadership.

Finally, CP Wakili will retire as a good officer, Emir Sanusi will continue to protect the interest of the common man, reasonable youths will never be discouraged by what happened, because colonial masters have done worst and today it’s history.

The North have the voting culture and the population, but we are less organized, lack progressive orientation, with a political socialization soured by feeling of arrogance & the inability to having a coordinated leadership, like the Jagaban of the Yorubas.

WE MUST LEARN IF WE MUST CHANGE, WE MUST CHANGE IF WE MUST DEVELOP. May Allah help us to wake up, start laying foundations for change.

May Allah touch the hearts of our leaders, youths, associations and all other northern stakeholders to start working toward creating a better and a prosperous society.

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