Elections: KPC commends police for tackling political thuggery, violence


Kano Peace Committee under the leadership of the head of the secretariat, Ibrahim Waiya and his co-chair, Bishop, Kano Catholic Diocese, Right Rev. Dr. John Namaza Niyiring have commended the police command in the state for taking bold steps in tackling political violence and thuggery during the presidential election.

The committee said, while it closely observed that, the Kano Peace Accord signed by eight political parties’ gubernatorial candidates in the state was grossly violated by some political parties’ supporters through violent conflicts in many places even before the commencement of the elections, the security forces have done well in bringing the situation under control.

“It is our opinion that, political violence were orchestrated through the handwork of some highly placed politicians who had always considered themselves above the law.

“The Kano Peace Committee, had at number of occasions called on the security agencies to intervene by arresting such highly political personalities to serve as deterrent to the younger ones, but unfortunately nothing of such was practically seen to have been done, even though there were reported cases of incidents that were alleged to have claimed the lives of some innocent persons. The most prominently reported case was that of Rimin Kebe quarters of Nassarawa LGA, which claimed the life of an innocent young boy by the alleged supporters of the candidate seeking election for the House of Representatives.

“The Kano Peace Committee (KPC), is of the opinion that action must be matched with talking. While we have been doing the talk, we had for long expected actions from the security agencies, like what you have now started.

“Therefore, while we appreciate your bold step through your unbiased approach to prevail on this long overdue ugly development in the State.
We request you not to succumb to any pressure from within or outside the State to compromise on the professional ethics and rules.”

He added that the arrest and prosecution of some highly placed politicians and the ongoing investigation against others, is a well commendable effort.

“This selfless service to the people of Kano and Nigeria at large, would not only make you a proud citizen of Nigeria, but shall also enable the citizens to support you through credible and reliable intelligence to further perform your duty more successfully. This is because, the unbiased approach of your command to contain the ugly political development in the State, has not only restored the public trust on the security agencies, but has also rebuilt the confidence and hope of the Kano citizens to have a hitch free second elections in the State coming up on the 11th of March, 2023.

“We therefore wish to, on behalf of the membership and  leadership of the Kano Peace Committee, commend you on the arrests so far made of the suspected perpetrators and mastermind of some political violent attacks, especially that of Doguwa and Tudun Wada, as such incident was too unimaginable to happen in a responsible human society.

“We therefore beseech you to embark on a flush out operation to rid Kano of all potential political thugs that may hamper the security and safety of the Kano citizens, especially as the second elections for Governorship and State Assembly is fast approaching.”


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