Dan-Agundi’s return to Kano Emirate an affront to late Ado Bayero–Expert

The re-appointment of Aminu Babba Dan-Agundi to the Kano Emirate Council by the Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, is an affront to the memory of late Ado Bayero, the current emir’s father who sacked Mr Dan-Agundi for insubordination, an expert has said.

DAILY FOCUS reports Mr Dan-Agundi was re-instated to the Emirate Council by Emir Aminu, despite losing a 17-year-old legal battle against his dismissal by the late Bayero.

On June 5, 2020, the Supreme Court upheld the removal of Mr Dan-Agundi from the traditional positions of Sarkin Dawaki Maituta and District head of Gabasawa local government area by Mr Bayero in 2003.

The unanimous ruling was led by Justice Mary Odili.

After 17 years, Dan Agundi, returns to Kano emirate council

However, on July, 9, 2020, Emir Aminu conferred a new title of Sarkin Dawaki Babba to the deposed kingmaker and re-appointed him to the Kano Emirate Council.

Mr Dan-Agundi’s reinstatement was announced in a letter signed by Dan Rimin Kano, Alhaji Sarki Waziri and addressed to Usman Alhaji, secretary to the state government.

According to the letter, seen by DAILY FOCUS, Mr Dan-Agundi would now hold a modified title of “Sarkin Dawaki Babba.”

A royal blunder

However, in a chat with BBC Hausa, Dr Tijjani Naniya, a renowned historian and expert on the Kano traditional institution, described the decision to restore Mr Dan-Agundi to the Kano Emirate Council as a blunder.

Mr Naniya explained that history has shown that an emir does not reverse the decision of his predecessor no matter how much he detests that decision.

He added that the decision to return Mr Dan-Agundi has “severely damaged” the reputation of the Kano Emirate.

“Whoever becomes an emir is expected to inherit the virtues of his predecessors. That is why people praise emirs by saying they have inherited Dabo, they have inherited Rumfa and all other forefathers.

“For an Emir to now reverse the decision of his own father is a serious affront to the integrity of the whole institution,” Mr Naniya said.

“The truth is when an emir executes a decision, it is wrong for another emir to simply undo that decision. This is because reversing the decision of another emir is seen like stripping that emir naked in public,” he added.

Strange royal title

According to the historian, the new title of Sarkin Dawaki Babba, conferred on Mr Dan-Agundi is a new and strange title that has no place in the history of the Kano Emirate Council.

He said the Kano Emirate institution only recognizes the title of Sarkin Dawaki Maituta (Mr Dan-Agundi’s former title), which he explained is a prestigious title that gives its bearer the privilege of being among those responsible for selecting an emir.

“As for Sarkin Dawaki Babba, this is a new title that has no place in the history of the traditional institution and we do not know what role it could play in the future,” Mr Naniya said.

He added that introducing the new title could seriously undermine the credibility of the Kano Emirate institution in the course of history.

“This could open a way for other traditional institutions in the north to copy from Kano and this would injure the reputation of late reformer Usman Danfodio and his struggle in establishing the emirates,” the historian noted.

Tainted with politics

Mr Naniya also argued that politics is playing a key role in the way the Kano Emirate Council is being run, a situation he warned has a great danger to the institution.

“The Kano emirate has now plunged into politics and this means any governor can do whatever they please to get anybody they want to be appointed into the institution. It is either he succeeds or he removes the emir in order to fulfill his own personal wishes,” he said.

“The crisis that engulfed the Kano Emirate during the reign of deposed Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II, was caused by some people who played politics to achieve selfish ends”.



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