Firm trains 50 women entrepreneurs in Kano


A Kano based food distribution firm, Sanda Tireda, has trained 50 women entrepreneurs on how to improve and expand their existing businesses to boost household income in the State.

Head of Sanda Tireda’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Khadija Muhammad Saleh, disclode that the training is aimed at enhancing the participants’ entrepreneurial skills to improve their businesses.

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“Actually, we are giving these women a business profit. This is the first time doing training for them. We want them to improve their business. We want them to have entrepreneurship knowledge, to have knowledge of book and record keeping. We want them to know how to do their business better. Are you on track? Are you doing the business the right way? Are utilising the profit you are getting judiciously? We want to teach them to know how to manage their profit and loss,” she said.

Saleh said that 50 women who were into business with Sanda Tireda were selected to benefit from the training to make their businesses better and have access to a facility a minimum of 200,000 and a maximum of 1 million worth of goods to expand their business activities.

She noted that there is an App called “Kirana” that allows the participants to order for goods and pay 30% and later within the month they pay the 70% and it goes on continuously.

A participant, Daharatu Imam, said, “I learn how to improve my business. Sanda Tireda has done a lot for us on improving our business. They brought us hope and gave us opportunity to be independent and to support our families. Because of what Sanda Tirada is doing to us, I can now support my children’s school fees. I don’t need to wait for husband for everything.”

Another beneficiary Hajia Fatima Habib said “I am really happy with this training. I benefit a lot from it and from Sanda Tireda generally. I have been in contact with Sanda for long and the relationship has been mutually beneficial.

“Without my kobo, sanda tireda gave me goods worth hundred thousand naira. Today, they give goods worth 600,000-700,000 which I pay on monthly basis. Today, I learnt how to improve my business and expand it to gain more profit.”


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