First entrepreneurial secondary school launched in Kano


As Sha’aban Sharada offers scholarship to 10 best students

First entrepreneurial secondary school, Enthuse Entrepreneurship School (EES), dedicated to teaching skills at secondary level, has been launched in Kano with the aim to improve skill-based teaching and learning to compete with global trend.

The school which was launched at state road in Kano, is designed to be a learning environment that purposefully and skill-fully nurtures entrepreneurial mindset and leadership capabilities in young learners to engender self-reliance through life and vocational skills development.

Speaking during the commissioning of the school, the proprietor of the school, Khalifa Mustapha Dankade, said the main objective of the school is to establish a paradigm shift in education from rote learning that mostly teaches students what they will remember for exam purposes just to acquire certificates, to a skill-based learning system.

Foundation trains 150 women on entrepreneurial skills in Kano

He said considering the number of jobless graduates with no skills to earn living, and the population size of the country, required the kind of initiatves to address the challenges of depending on government and white collar jobs.

During the commissioning

“The school is project-driven, experiential and student centric learning that aims to equip students with relevant and suitable life and vocational skills that are required to compete and thrive in today’s globalized world.”

He added that the school will commence with 20 students.

On his part, gubernatorial candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) and Member House of Representatives of the Kano Municipal, said the entrepreneurial secondary school has come at a time when it is badly needed to save the future of the young people in the country.

He said the challenge facing the world today is to make education meaningful and more inclusive to the young people, adding that he will sponsor 10 best students from his constituent to study in the school.

During the commissioning

“Current educational system in Nigeria is focused on rote learning hence does not actively encourage students to think on their own and take on responsibilities. It neglects the importance of developing a creative mind-set among young people.

“The reality is that entrepreneurial potential should be identified, evaluated and nurtured at the secondary school level; thus we need Secondary Schools like Enthuse Entrepreneurship Secondary School that finely blend elementary entrepreneurship.

“Hence I am honoured to announce that through Sha’aban Sharada Foundation, we will sponsor 10 best students from Kano Municipal Local Government to study in the school,” he said.


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