Ganduje has 88 percent chance of winning Kano governorship–Poll

A renowned public opinion poll group, Poll 4 Excellence, Africa (P4EA) with headquarters in Accra, Ghana, conducted an opinion poll on the chances of gubernatorial candidates for 2019 election in Kano, and scores governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, with 88 percent chances of winning the election.

This was disclosed in a statement by Abba Anwar, chief press secretary to governor Ganduje.

In a letter sent to the governor from Accra, through their Nigerian representative in Abuja, and signed by the Coordinator General of the group, Mr Ephraim Nonso, they congratulated him over the result of the opinion poll, which they said took them some months to reach conclusion.

The letter says “Congratulations Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for securing such intimidating percentage in our opinion poll against 2019 general elections, gubernatorial election specifically in your own case. We are conducting similar polls in 3 strategic states in Nigeria. And very soon results from other states will be out for the public.”

Kano, according to the letter “…occupies some specific, highly strategic and unassuming democratic practice and culture, that is why we allocate more time to the state above all the remaining three states, identified. Members of the public expressed their unalloyed satisfaction with Ganduje’s delivery in all sectors of the state.”

To dismiss any rumor about the expected strength of other opposition parties in the state, the group letter reveals that, public opinion suggests that, “Ganduje’s performance in all sectors serves as a shield between him and opposition political tricks. People believe that the governor would redouble his efforts when given another chance of four years.”

Parts of the criteria used in conducting the opinion poll, the group reveals, is how sophisticated political players from all contesting parties were at the hey days of electioneering campaign. On this the letter posits “We learned that the choice of one nonentity element as the gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) by the Kwankwasiyya faction of the party spells doom for the group and the party in general.”

It was public reactions and deeply-rooted opinion about the candidature of the PDP gubernatorial material that, according to P4EA, Kwankwasiyya group has been decimating from the political landscape in the state. A development they say would be a plus to Ganduje during election proper.

“When PDP Kwankwasiyya anointed their gubernatorial candidate, many heavyweights from the faction started backsliding. Apart from that aspect, another issue militating against sound opposition from Kwankwasiyya is the fact that, up to now, the long standing leadership structure of the PDP do not see Kwankwasiyya man as their own. These are all opinions form by the public about Kano 2019,” says the congratulatory letter.

The letter is attached with it, the detailed report on the opinion poll conducted, stating clearly, process followed and specific arguments raised by the public. In the report there are specific scores of all the candidates and how such scores were gained.

Specific mention was made about the former governor of the state and former Minister of Education, Sardauna of Kano, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, that his exit from the PDP caused serious injury to the party. As he went along with his thousands of hundreds of his supporters to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) courtesy governor Ganduje.

Many people that were contacted to get their feelings about the chances of any of the gubernatorial candidates, believe that Salihu Sagir Takai, who was hitherto from Shekarau political family and now the gubernatorial candidate of People’s Redemption Party (PRP), “…is on his own. People believe that nemesis will soon catch up with him, because he fails to appreciate what Shekarau did to him during 2011 gubernatorial contest.

That it was because of him (Takai) that some fraction of the then All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) loyalists worked against the party’s choice of him to be the gubernatorial candidate and governor under the platform of the ANPP. Shekarau insisted on his candidature. But where is he now? People ask rhetorically,” says the opinion poll result.

Result of the opinion poll also reveals that Ganduje’s human relation helps much in getting him the sympathy and support from many elderly population, adding that, “So long as you deserve caring, Ganduje will give you that. In fact our investigation shows that governor Ganduje cares for all irrespective of social status and political differences. This is part of the advantage he gets above all other candidates.”

“The rain of empowerment programmes across the Kano’s intimidating population gives him another greater advantage. Many people benefited from his empowerment schemes. This alone, has the influence to garner massive grassroot support for the governor. It also helps in making supporters of other parties cross carpet to the ruling APC,” says the opinion poll result.

Other greater advantages Ganduje has over all other candidates put together, is the chance he has of being so concern about education, agriculture and health, among other areas, as being stated by the letter.

Kano state, being the strongest political base of President Muhammadu Buhari, “…Ganduje is one of the strongest advocates for Buhari’s re-election come 2019 general election. At the same time Kano people understand this clearly. While other candidates do not have that advantage. This also helps in securing more support for Ganduje come 2019,” concludes the letter.


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