Ghana enjoys best power supply in Africa – World Bank


A new report released by the World Bank has revealed that Ghana enjoys better electricity supply than other countries in the South-African countries and Sub-Saharan regions.

According to the report, which centered on business and daily activities in Africa said 80 percent out of 100 of the Ghanian population is enjoying adequate electricity supply.

With this, Ghana is ahead countries that have Power Energy Resources like Nigeria and Kenya on providing adequate electricity to their citizens.

The report also said 600 people or 43 percent out of 100 did not get electricity in 2022 in Africa.

It added that Africa dominate 18 percent out of 100 of the world’s population, and that the power supply enjoyed in the region is not up to 6 percent of the world’s electricity supply.

The report further recommended that businesses owners and governments should invest heavily in the power sector for electricity supply to surfice the region.


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