How corruption forced me out of NDDC–Kwankwaso

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A former governor of Kano state, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has revealed how he was forced to resign his appointment as a member of the Niger Delta Development Commission’s (NDDC) board over alleged “mind-blowing” corruption in 2010.

DAILY FOCUS reports that Mr Kwankwaso made the revelation while commenting on the probe being conducted by the House of Representatives on the alleged looting of N40 billion by the NDDC interim management.

Mr Kwankwaso said looting public funds by corrupt officials would not stop in Nigeria as long as the country’s leadership fails to apply strict monitoring in the management of funds by government bodies.

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Recalling his experience, Mr Kwankwaso told BBC Hausa how a former managing director of the NDDC simply laughed off allegations of corruption while being questioned by Mr Kwankwaso and other board members.

The former governor said the incident happened on the day he decided to resign his appointment as a member of the commission’s board.

“On the day I resigned, we were in a meeting in which we asked the (then) managing director (of the NDDC) how some billions (of naira) got missing.

“But to my surprise, I noticed that the managing director was just laughing. I thought he had an answer to the allegations but in the end, I understood he just did not see the issue as a problem,” Mr Kwankwaso recalled.

“Ironically, most of those who were questioning the managing director among us were doing so because they felt he had shortchanged them in the sleaze,” he added.

The ex-governor said his decision to resign from the NDDC board was because the corruption and embezzlement being perpetrated in the commission was “against my principles”.

According to him, unless leaders apply strict monitoring on the utilization of public funds, looting and embezzlement would never end in Nigeria.

“Most times, you see people in positions of authority betraying the trust of a section of the country or the whole of it and nothing would be done.

“As long as there is lack of efficient leadership, public resources every where including at state levels would continue to disappear down the drain,” Mr Kwankwaso said.



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