How Jamuli Sufi and allies attempted to blackmail Mr. Ifeanyi, disrupt Labour Party in Sokoto


By Comrade Abubakar Yawale

The recent political atmosphere that saw Peter Obi of the Labour Party among the top lead in the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria is no doubt an indication of victory. It signifies his strength and capacity to deliver and capable of becoming the president of the country.

However, the party, as one of the leading opposition is performing well and gaining public acceptance day-by-day. In Sokoto state chapter of the LP, there exists a man, Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeagu, who sacrificed and still sacrificing his time, energy and wealth to see the success of the party, as well as the well being of its supporters.

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Nevertheless, in every successful journey and successful man, there must exists an enemies and purveyors of hatred, who doesn’t want to see the progress of the journey. Mr. Ifeanyi, despite all the sacrifices and kind gestures he is doing in Sokoto Chapter of the LP, is not an exception of such people who made several attempts to blackmail him just because he is good, kind and respected by all.

The like of Jamilu Sufi, is one of these people that sees nothing but the way in which they will cause havoc and blackmail people of good calibre so that they will be in the same page with them. Jamilu Sufi’s attempt to blackmail Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeagu is not a surprise considering the number of unwanted activities he engages in. Although he will not succeed as people have high regards and respect for Mr. Ifeanyi, it is good to reply him and tell him that his attempt to blackmail him will never be successful.

Jamilu Sufi have reached to the extent that he didn’t even participated in the election, talk less of casting his vote to our President Peter Obi, hence decided to support the ruling party, as some of them were since sighted with members of the APC wearing their caps and other elements that shows they are all together.

At this juncture, I would say that it is surprising to see an ongoing, misleading claim on the social media by some enemies of progress, purveyors of hatred that our leader and Obi/Datti campaign Director Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeagu hasn’t perform well during the election period. Oh my God. What sort of injustice is this? Why are these people always greedy? This is not true and this is done to harm Mr. Ifeanyi destroyed his good character, respect and repetition in the eyes of Peter Obi and the good people of the region which will never happen by grace of God.

In the claims, Jamilu Sufi wrote on twitter that Mr. Ifeanyi hasn’t assigned PUs agents or has connived with the PDP during the election. This is not true and even in common sense people will not believe in this concocted lie. Is just a plan to sabotage his personality which ended in embarrassing himself (Jamilu Sufi). They are doing all these just because he didn’t align with them to cheat on party members and the party.

There is no way Mr. Ifeanyi, who sacrificed a lot of his belongings to the LP of Sokoto state, could even witness its failure. This is not true. Mr. Ifeany single handedly secured a party office to the tune of Millions of Naira. He spent millions of Naira on many projects such as repair of transformers, evacuation of wastes in the metropolis for a healthier and clean environment.

Mr. Ifeanyi also contributed in ensuring that people get adequate drinking water within his immediate community. He shared cows during Christmas, bought land for burial ground at the cost of millions of naira singlehandedly sponsored local government to local government campaign for LP, bought all the cars used in the north west for LP all with his personal money.

The man Mr. Ifeanyi dedicated his wealth worth millions of Naira to sponsored the Local governments to Local governments campaign of the Labour Party. He was the first person to have visited the death zones in that period. He went through the nooks and crannies of Sokoto state, including Isa and Sabon Birni LGAs and this is done with his own personal money, not from any candidate or committee of the party.

How will this man deceive the party? This will sound unbelievable and strange to the hearing of sensible people.

Chindo conspired to scam Chief Ifeanyi of N3 million Naira through the stadium manager which led to the arrest and detaining of Chindo prior to the election. But Sufi went ahead to defame Chief Ifeanyi and to play victim to selling the structure of the Labour Party Sokoto when he and Chindo Abdul rahman and Jamilu Sufi were the ones that sold it.

Equally, although I am the Coordinator of the Sokoto state Coalition for better and brighter Nigeria Congress (CBBN), Jamilu Sufi went ahead and collected the money maint the Congress on my behalf. Even though what he collected is N500, 000, later he only brought N260,000 and diverted nearly half of the money to his personal use. Sufi and Chindo were also sighted moving around with officials of government who are boldly part and parcel of the ruling party.

Among other scams that Sufi committed against the Labour Party worldwide is that of N1, 310, 000 (One Million Three Hundred and Ten Thousands) from CBBN. We have full evidence with us and more of our investigations are coming. The party chairman Chindo also collected money for Party activities from Chief Ifeanyi and did nothing to that effect, which we later found out.

He even sent a letter when he couldn’t receive the money as a reminder which he later received and just kept mute. Below is the message as one of the pieces of evidence. We also have the credit alert confirming his receipt of the money.

“Good morning Sir,
I observed that everyone with a UBA account has been paid except myself, I noticed that my name has been written in the payroll as “Sufi Muhammad” . Meanwhile my official name is “Jamilu Abubakar” and the nickname is “Jamilu Sufi” No Muhammad attached.
Please, notify the payroll officer to make corrections.
Thank Sir,
Jamilu Sufi”

Furthermore, one more shameful thing about this man is how come out boldly to accuse Mr. Ifeanyi knowing that he himself (Jamilu Sufi) didn’t work for the party during the election. He didn’t even casted his vote not to talk of serving as agent. He was sighted severally wearing the APC (Tinubu) cap, which shows how he betrayed our party and our leaders. But only for him to come with baseless accusations that Mr. Ifeanyi threatened to kill him. This is another big lie and sabotage.

I believe with these points and more to come that are known by the good people of Sokoto state, everybody will know the real enemies of the Labour Party and President Mr. Peter Obi. May God protect us from the evil and defrauders like this.

Comrade Abubakar Yawale is the Head of Muslims group Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Council of the LP and Chairman of Coalition of Peter Obi support groups in Sokoto state and he could be reached on 08034611979


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