How Kano Secondary school graduate invented 3 mobile apps


… Apps available on Play Store

As the world is intensifying the transformation into the Information Communication and Technology (ICT), many people across the globe are taking the advantage to contribute their own quota to the new trend. These groups of people, comprising, particularly the youth, are changing the narratives, thereby bringing closer to the world, these new initiatives, for people to take a knap and benefit from them.

However, while bridging the gap and bringing the world closer, these IT experts provides sustainable employment opportunities to themselves and others by creating jobs and producing people of their kinds.

Abdulmuiz Sunusi Iguda, a 17-year-old Secondary School graduate, is one of these people who recently invented three Mobile applications that are currently on Play Store and making a significant important.

In an interview with Daily Focus Online Newspaper, the young talented boy said he is passionate about coding and programming of mobile phones applications. With his experience so far learned from YouTube, the boy is into invention of applications that will make significant impact in the society.

How I started

Born and raised in Kano, Abdulmuiz said he has so far invented three mobile phones applications that are currently on Play Store. With interest in coding and programming since childhood, the young boy said his future plan is to invent more applications including home automation apps, robotics and others that will cut across the world.

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The graduate of Day Science Secondary School, Kofar Nasarawa in Kano, said he has passion for designing applications since when he was a kid and that with support of his parents, family, he is able to make his dream come true.

“I developed special interest in ICT particularly coding. My journey in Artificial Intelligence AI related area of technology begun when I learned about coding in YOUTUBE and Google, and also my participation in coders’ group chats via social media sites. Singlehandedly, I was soon able to come up with some apps that were later uploaded in play store.

“I learned the process from different places and all are form the social media. Like I use to consult YouTube tutorial, Facebook groups and WhatsApp platforms that are mainly concern about how to create applications through coding an programming,” he said.

According to Abdulmuiz he was using his mobile phone to create the app, but after getting his first laptop computer, he is now using it while the phone also serves as stand by.

The applications invented

Speaking on the applications he has so far invented, the boy said within the two years he has started, he invented three applications, and that they are all on Play Store with people already downloading.

Learn KIVY

“Learn KIVY, is a software that teaches interested persons especially young chaps how to start exploring the world of coding through understanding of the programming language.  It teaches mostly the know how of firefox to beginners and younger children.

Advertise It

“The second one is ADVERTISEIT, and this is an online marketing app that allows people to sale and buy products from the comfort zone of their homes. The app provides online stores where they place their product and the prospective buyers visit and order.  Through the application, marketers of all kind will advertise their products, ideas or services, while the application will display them for customers to see. Through the application the buyers will directly link with the owners for further negotiations  and purchase,” he said.

VIP Show

For the third application, the young boy said is the biggest and proudest of all so far on the play Store, and that he sees a big future in it.

“The third one is named VIPShow (Very Important Persons’ Show). VIPShow is a social networking app that allows users to chat, comment, like, follow and share photographs, images and videos with friends and the intended audiences.

“VIPShow has the capacity of over 200,000 concurrent connections. With good collaboration, I do hope that VIPShow could compete with the world leading social media platforms God willing,” explained.

How my apps got to play Store

On how his applications get to the play Store, the ICT guru said it was through the normal procedure that others follow to get their apps uploaded there. He said he paid $25 like others are paying to create account on the play Store which later gave him chance to upload his applications.

“Because my parent discovered that I have interest and talent in the coding and programming system, they always support me to do that. So, whatever is not beyond their earning they support me with it to peruse my ambition. They gave the $25 US dollars and I got my apps uploaded.”

He added that presently over 700 people downloaded the VIPShow App, while about 250 downloaded the ADVERTISEIT, and then Learn KIVY has over 200 subscribers.

My future ambition

Abdulmuiz said his future ambition is to become a global IT related specialist that will invent applications that will cut across all parts of the world. He said with the little knowledge and experience he has now, he will be more productive if he further his studies in that area and get more equipments that will add value to his work.

“I work day and night to get things done better for myself and the future. So, I want to see myself as a big ICT consultant in the near future. I have the courage, interest and dedicating mind to do all these. Imagine if I become better than this in terms of age, knowledge, resources and experience. I will surely do better.

“Therefore part of what I want to do in future is developing a home automation software, customized robotics for factories and industries, working with world leading ICT companies so to help me build my country, and many other things. I also want to secure admission in best universities that excel in AI, Machine Learning and robotics, establish an ICT hub that specializes in Coding, AI and robotics.”

Why I see this as my business

He said the current development and transformation in the ICT sector calls for the need to see it as a business and employment opportunity that will accommodate many people, particularly the youth.

“Right from now I see this as my business. I see it as an industry that one can invest his talent and resources to be independent in future and even employ, partner and create job opportunities for others. I see this as my business and will continue to ensure that it succeed,” he added.

Government should support us

He called on the government and other stakeholders in the sector to look into their conditions and support them to prosper in the world.

“I will be glad if relevant authorities in Nigeria, NGOs, OPS and individuals would support my humble project to fruition. I will be useful in developing national initiative towards making African youths coding friendly (Coding for Kids, Coding Simplified, Coding YouTube Classes) and as well work with the industry and expert for my personal development.

“There are also people like me in Nigeria with wealth of talent. They also need to be supported and only that can add value to their life and make them what they want to be. They will also add to the value, innovation and reputation of the country in the global space.”


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