I felt like dying during lockdown–Rahma Sadau

Popular Kannywood and Nollywood actress, Rahma Sadau has revealed that she was so bored with staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown that she “felt like dying”.

DAILY FOCUS reports that Ms Sadau said this during a live Instagram chat with BBC Hausa on Wednesday.

The controversial actress explained that being an entertainment icon with vast commitments and tight schedules, she found it unbearable staying at home for months.

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“Staying at home for the whole period was like huge task and challenging. I rarely do this in my life, but this time around I have to. Sometimes I just play, I read, I watch movies,  I chat with family and friends, but still I felt bored and tired of everything”, Ms Sadau said.

Coronavirus hit filmmakers hard

Ms Sadau also observed that the movie industry is the hardest hit among all other sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are the most effected in the COVID-19 lockdown period because of the nature of our work. We form gatherings to shoot movies and also in cinemas we gather people to watch the movies as well.

“So in addition to staying at home and becoming bored, we are also affected financially because our market is down honestly. We just have to caugh and ensure that COVID-19 lockdown did not affect us mentally, but it affected the entire film industry, ” he said.

I have no political party

On politics, Rahma said she does not belong to any political party or group, adding that she is neutral and just doing what she thinks is the best.

“I’m a Nigerian like every other citizen and I vote for the person that I’m convinced with. If I vote for you and you didn’t do the right thing I will come out and say my opinion”, she said.

Ms Sadau added that she could not say if she might join politics in future “But for now I’m not into politics. If I vote for someone is not necessarily for me to tell the public, it’s my own privacy”.

Rapists deserve severe punishment

Commenting on the rampant cases of rape in the society, the actress said it’s pathetic and the perpetrators of the act must be brought to justice

She also wondered why a man can be so insensible to attack not only any woman on the streets but his own biological daughter.

“I used to ask myself is this really happening because it is unimaginable for someone to rape a girl.

“But until I hear or see it then I believe it’s real. The perpetrators should experience severe punishment that will deter them from attempting to even go near this bad act again,” Ms Sadau advised.



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