I was defrauded N450m by Igbo man – Ummi Zee Zee

Ex Kannywood actress, Ummi Ibrahim, popularly known as Ummi Zee Zee has finally breaks silence on her recent decision to commit suicide due to depression.

Recalls that Ummi Zee Zee took to her Instagram account and said that she feels like committing suicide due to a reason she did not revealed then.

But the actress while speaking to Voice Of America (VOA Hausa) on Sunday, said she took the decision because she was defraud huge money amounting to N450 millions by one Igbo man who happens to be her business partner.

She said even though they have been in business with the man for some time, but this is the biggest one she delve huge amount of money into, adding that “That is why I feel like committing suicide because I couldn’t even know what to do.

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“The reason for my post is that there is one Igbo man from Niger Delta whom we started crude oil business with. He said there is certain amount of money that I had to give for us to start the business and that I will make half payment and give the remaining later.

“I didn’t know that man is a fraudster. He defrauded me huge amount of money and run away. I sent him N450 million in dollars and he left with it. I called his number severally but it’s off. When I checked his social media accounts I found that he blocked me in all of them.”

Ummi Zee Zee

She said what surprised her was the fact the man came to her with Europeans while starting the business but ended up in duping her, adding that they met in Lagos state.

“You know I now live in Lagos so that’s where I met him and this is not the first time we did business with him. And what surprised me was that he came with Europeans to show me that the business is real and serious one. So I never thought he will cheat on me and we even promised to see this week so that he will give me my profit. So that why when I discovered that I couldn’t found him I feel like I hate my life thinking how I can get the money back. Who can even return the money back to me,” the actress added.

Zee Zee added that even though she didn’t give him all her money but “even if you are a governor and you lost over N400 million you will feel it talk less of me just a business woman.”

She added that she is yet to contact anybody or security personnel on the matter, and that she gave herself one week to refresh and think of the next line of action.



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