ICAN task marketers to enroll into accounting school to avoid losses


The Kano/Jigawa states chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) has called on marketers in the states to enroll into the institute to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to avoid losses in their respective businesses.

President of the institute for Kano/Jigawa districts Salisu Haruna disclosed this while addressing a press conference ahead of the celebration of 50 years of their existence in the state.

He said over the years marketers in the north have failed to modernize their businesses which is taking the region back and also affecting profit in business and revenue generation, adding that other regions have since gone far in modernizing their markets.

He added that if the marketers enroll their children and managers into the chartered institute to get professional courses, they will learn more about the processes to follow and keep their businesses growing and compete with global counterparts.

“People in the south have gone far in enrolling into the school as it helps them a lot in maintaining and reducing losses in their businesses. That is why we feel that our marketers here should also join to have themselves accredited and enjoy the benefits.”

He said the Kano district society of the ICAN was established in 1972, making it 50 years now, hence the need to celebrate and reflect on the success they have recorded so far and also plan for the future, adding that the event will hold from 19th to 22nd December, 2022.

According to him, part of the activities to celebrate the golden jubilee is to visit orphanage homes, organize professional conference, launch District Almanac and Magazine, and also launch the Accounting Technician Scheme (ATSWA) to train students on accounting skills.

He noted that since its inception in Kano, the institute has produced 3 National presidents, 3 council members, 3 professors, 10 Ph.D. holders and 41 state chairmen of the in Kano.


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