Kannywood need Islamic clerics, elites to succeed – Director

File photo of the Kannywood stars

Kannywood director Malam Aminu Saira has said that the industry needs support and contributions of Islamic clerics to progress and make impact in the society.

Saira, also known as the eloquent director stated this in an interview with freedom radio program.

The director also said wealthy individuals in the north have a significant role to play and take the industry higher and better than its present condition.

He said failure of the government and scholars to play a role in the industry is what deteriorated the situation and will only be cleared if they play a part and bring changes.

“If really we want to change the industry to conform to our norms and values, the government has to come in and clear all the mess inside. Had the government ventured into the kannywood affairs since, there wouldn’t have been these problems in existence by now.”

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The director added that the Nollywood industry records rapid development due to the intervention of government and wealthy individuals in their region.

Some of the movies directed by Aminu Saira

He urged the rich people in the north to venture into the movie industry to support it and at the same time make profit out of its business part.

Daily Focus reports that Malam Aminu Saira is one of the hard working directors in the Kannywood industry that centered most of his movies to meet the custom and tradition of the north.

One of his recent movies is the Labarina series aired by Arewa24 channel and presently working on season 3.

Saira stated recently in an interview that the season 3 of Labarina will soon continue but he did not specify the actual date.



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