Kwankwaso: A Maserati mind

By Haroun Muhammed

I am writing this because I am involved. I am involved because political events dictate the socio-economic development of our society. Yes, as a young person who religiously prays for a better society through effective representation of a common man, I am involved.

Of course, I am involved because I believe in a society where opportunities are given to people regardless of their social status. I am involved, for, I am a firm believer of this cause, the Kwankwasiyya cause. The last existing cause that can salvage the common people. And, we are the common people, therefore, we will always win (apologies to Barack Obama).

Today, I am not re-writing Kwankwaso’s daylight achievements nor his outsized vision anchored on human development or transformational leadership that gave birth to the strongest movement in the Nigerian political landscape. I want to talk about Kwankwaso as a politician. Kwankwaso wants to dam the cause of history, and hence, he gave us Kwankwasiyya.

Sometimes, the naysayers say, they are tired of reading his achievements. Yet, Kwankwasiyya, if you coined the movement as a product, whatever marketing strategy you choose, traditional or digital – you would find it so easy to market to them. Like a cakewalk, it’s an easy accomplishment to fish out Kwankwasiyya’s achievements.

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Let’s the reader not forget, this article is tagged “Kwankwaso: A Maserati Mind”. According to Robert Kiyosaki in the book titled “The Business of 21st Century”, in chapter five, he said, it is not always about the business that is the only external form. He added, putting a horse farmer behind the wheel of a Maserati does not make him a racing car driver. He needs the skills, the training, and, most importantly, the mindset of a racing car driver. This is the same of our financial life, same of any political struggles we identify ourselves with. To be an astute politician, you have to adopt the mindset of a politician by calculating the worse set of political gains and loss, offs and downs.

The web definition of a Maserati means a holy cow, which is fast. Kwankwaso, a Maserati mind, has an electronic power of imagination. At times, one may wonder how he fought these overwhelming political battles and came out stronger. Stronger in ideas, stronger in formations. My people have a saying that money and women are the greatest threats to men’s friendship/relationship. That is true. But, Kwankwaso isn’t cast in that mould. I often wonder if he has time for vacation and gourmet stuffs like our London visitor and Dubai Ambassador.

Kwankwaso in his outstanding political records has shown that not only these powerless can whittle down his popularity, that they have to gang up with the opposition. Like death, he instils fear, creates limitless distant chaos, the gall of bitterness, and incurable hatred in them. Now, that’s a Maserati mind. What happened in Kaduna might just be a tip of what is going to happen in the foreseeable future. Kwankwaso, like a Maserati mind, must have predicted all the traps set by these meddlesome interlopers just the way he reanimated and combined some politicians against him during the 2019 election.

I am motivated that Kwankwaso and Kwankwasiyya as a movement are going through this big graph of ups and downs. Politically saying, this will consciously make us re-strategize against the coming. I am proud to say, our leader has plans for these attention-seeking actors. A political experience is a driving tool for any kind of political battle and we count on days like this one. Like a common wise saying of Patrick Henry, give me liberty or give death.

Onwards, we are saying, it is not going to be business as usual. Enough is enough. Anyone that wants to operate violence template before, we shall gladly walk them down to the road.

Our leader is a peace-loving person, so we are. We are not asking for too much. We want to nothing but a prosperous society through human development.

Haroun Muhammed writes from Kano state, Nigeria





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