Labarina season 3 to hit screen after Ramadan, Aminu Saira assures

The long awaited Hausa Series Movie, ‘Labarina Season Three’ is set to hit the screen immediately after the Holy Month of Ramadan, Aminu Saira has said.

Aminu Saira had last month announced that they have finished the shooting of season 3 of the popular movie but did not announce the actual time it will hit the screen.

However, the director stated on his instagram page on Monday that yet they did not release the movie as been circulated by some fake YouTube channels on the internet, and that people should expect it after Sallah (EidulFitr).

Scene of the season 3 shooting

“Yet we did not release #LABARINA S3 anywhere. But by God grace it will hit screen after Ramadan as we announced previously,” he said.

He urged people to exercise patience and disregard any YouTube channel that said the movie has been released.

Labarina season 3 to hit screen soon – Aminu Saira

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“Some YouTube channels have been duping people that they can watch the movie on their channels and it has been released. It’s not true and that’s not our channel.

“We thank you for your love and care,” Saira added.

Daily Focus reports that there has been speculation that the season 3 of the movie will not feature in the Arewa24 channel an incident that live people in anticipation of the platform through which it will be featured.

But in an interview recently, the director said they are yet to decide where the movie will be featured and that it will be announced soon.

More photos from the scenes of the movie

Rabiu Rikadawa and Maryam Waziri (Laila)




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