LGBTQ+ Agitations and Arewa Society by Najeeb Wali

By Najeeb Wali
The concept of society denotes a mutual and voluntary aggregation of individuals within a laid down structure, ecosystem and paradigm assuring and encouraging the optimal survival and utility of the inhabitants.

Thus laws, cultures, norms and beliefs evolve over generations to safeguard against threats whether they are physical, psychological, social, economical or cultural. For the optimal functioning of such society, the individual must be placed in a hierarchy and above all, his rights and interests must be subservient to the interests of the society.

This paradigm is not unique to humans, it is also observed in other species like Bees and Termites where the colony serves the queen and prioritizes her survival with their lives if necessary to assure her survival and protect against the danger of they becoming ‘genetic dead ends.’

Our society is at a critical juncture, fresh from the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, the invention of the Birth control pill and the US supreme court judgment of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973 allowed the Western woman to have non emotional involved sex with little to zero consequences thus legitimizing the killings of millions of fetus.

This had such catastrophic impact on demography and the traditional family structure and by extension the society. The hidden cost cannot be quantified as it has detached the mother from her maternal role and instinct and allowed her cross the dangerous psychological barrier of guilt, remorse or compassion.

Arewa society has never faced such socio-cultural threats since colonialism with its adverse consequences still manifest today.

Backed by well orchestrated propaganda led by Hollywood and powerful lobby groups, the LGBTQ+ movement is making in roads into hitherto traditional societies, coupled with funding from organizations and political pressure and NGOs who equates gay rights with Human rights, is our society ready for the oncoming storm?

Cloaked in the garb of justice, emancipation, human rights and a mistaken concern for our Womenfolk, a more insidious threat fuelled by post modernist worldview is taking shape. It uses catchy slogans, which many of its proponents do not fully understand in their zeal to do good. The road to perdition is indeed paved with good intentions.

The post modernist world view with the LGBTQ+ movement being its vanguard seeks to elevate the individual above the society and thus every degeneracy is condoned, every filth encouraged as Man becomes a slave to his ego. The pursuit of hedonistic pleasure his primary purpose, in essence, becoming a beast in all ramifications.

A society only exists to the extent that it agrees on common values and good. Post Modernists reject this and thus are symptomatic of a degenerating society.

Since the Jihad of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio RA, the Arewa identity has become intertwined with Islam and Islam being the yardstick and baseline of measuring the acceptability of sociocultural phenomena.

Ours is not a dogma that is deaf and dumb to reason and innovation, as evidenced by our history of sociocultural evolution, our incorporation of variants of Nubian, Yoruba, Arab, Abyssinian and Tuareg norms attest to our susceptibility to beneficial innovations.

Our society must rise to the occasion, not by Excommunication but by the force of superior logic and intellectual arguments to defeat such threats from their ideological roots (just as Boko Haram should be tackled) augmented by political action in terms of policy formulation, laws, rehabilitation and education.

I strongly believe we must take the initiative away from them by recalbrating our society from its present trajectory of female emasculation to emancipation within the purview and acceptable boundaries of our religion

The Womenfolk of our society have been given the short end of the stick, shunned and abused in some instances. We must address the cases of abuse in marriages, divorce, abandonment, girl child education, rape and VVF to take away the momentum from and deny agents of sedition the one big stick they use to beat us.

As History has shown, civilizations are not conquered from without; they collapse from within when sociocultural menaces are allowed to fester.

This article first appeared on Wali’s blog, The author can be reached on Twitter at @Najeebwali_


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