My Nude Video Was Released By Friends, Associates – Actress Safara’u


Safiyya Yusuf, popularly known as Safara’u, former actress of the Arewa 24 series movie ‘Kwanacasa’in’ has said that she suspected some of her friends and close associates over the release of her nude video that went viral in the social media.

Safiyya, who is now into singing, said while fielding questions from BBC Hausa, that she has never sent any of her pictures or nude videos to anybody and that she is not lesbian as some people alleges.

Recall that Safiyya was brought to the timeline when she was featured in the popular Kwanacasa’in series over the decent role she played. She was later relieved from the role after her viral video was released, an incident that generated controversy in the film industry.

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However, the former actress said though the video was captured by her, it was not meant to be sent to anybody, adding that “70 percent of ladies nowadays have such types of videos in their phones. It is just done for fun, not to go on social media and many ladies do that.

“I can’t specifically say the person that released the video, but all I know is that it must be among my friends and associates that used to take my phone. Because I used to give them my phone.”

“I was deeply shocked when I saw the video and how it went viral all over the world. In fact, when I received the news I could not stand on my feet. I experienced a lot of challenges, people were mucking at me. There was a time that someone even stoned me, all because of that video. I had to spend three months indoors without even going near the gate of our house.”

Actress Safara’u

She said she almost deactivated her social media accounts over the number of insults she got from people but she was later consulted by her parents and relatives to take it as destiny.

Speaking on the reason why she joined singing, the 22-year-old said she developed the interest since childhood and that she is now better as she fulfilled her lifetime ambition. She added that she wants to be like Davido in singing and get many awards.

She said she has never faced any challenge with her parents and she got their permission before joining the film and singing industry, adding that one day she will go back to the Kannywood industry.

“I was raised decently by my parents and they taught me well. I attended both religious and Islamic schools. So whatever I want to do, they give me go ahead once it’s not bad,” she said.


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