NEPC trains tomato exporters on addressing technical barriers for export


The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has trained 100 Tomato farmers and exporters on addressing technical barriers associated with the Tomato value chain to make it ready and qualified for exportation to other countries.

The training which took place at the National Incubation Center in Kano gathered farmers, processors, marketers and exporters of tomatoes in the state.

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Speaking on the aim of the training, the regional coordinator of the NEPC in the Northwest region, Mr. Salam Ma’aruf Akinsola said it is towards recusing the loss and risks associated with tomato value chain and to ensure that Nigerian exported tomatoes are not rejected in the global markets.

“This is organized seeing the challenges we are facing in the global markets today. Most of our commodities are rejected and as a government agency responsible for promotion of non-oil exports we cannot fold our hands and be looking like that. That is why we embark on a series of sensitizations across the country so that at the end our product can be more competitive abroad,” he said.

He said Tomato as one of the important commodities needed globally has chances of attracting markets abroad and that is why they come to Kano being the highest Tomato production state in the country.

He added that recently the United Kingdom has reduced income tariff by 7.5% for some selected Nigerian products and that Tomato is among, which give chances for exporters to attract market and gain profit.

Earlier in his presentation, director extension of the Kano Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (KNARDA), Gambo Isa Garko said although about 2 million hectares of Tomatoes are farmed in Nigeria every year, 45 percent of the products are lost while processing and transporting to market.

He urged the farmers and exporters to adopt a system of farming and processing to compete globally in the markets.


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