Reject Kwankwaso’s moves to join APC, Kwamanda tells Tinubu


Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Abdulmajid Dan-Bilki Kwamanda has cautioned the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu against accepting former governor of Kano state, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who is planning to join the party.

Kwamanda was reacting to some news going round that the president-elect is meeting with Kwankwaso on a plan to bring him into the party against wills and forces of 2027 politics.

Speaking to journalists at the NUJ Secretariat, Kwamanda said the party and people in the North has done their best for Tinubu to emerge as the president, hence the need for him to compensate them, adding that politics in the north is different and difficult to be manipulated by one single person.

He said as an analyst, he knows Kwankwaso to be selfish and always joining a particular group or party for his own personal gains not for the general public, and that he will not be of advantage to the APC

“We have heard some gossips underground in our party that Tinubu will drag Kwankwaso to APC just because he won Kano in the 2023 elections or on the ISIS that he have people. This is not possible with our party and if he insist on this we will not allow and we won’t follow him.

“Kwankwaso was not the one that gave us victory in the election, we worked for it and won. He was there and never did anything for us and could not stop us.

“We are against any form of political hypocrisy to woo Kwankwaso to our party. We will not agree with this. Should they refuse to heed to our call we will come all out to fight against APC and the leadership of APC,” he said.

According to him, bringing Kwankwaso means betraying Northerners which will not be in favor of Tinubu in the future politics.

He debunked the rumors saying that Kwankwaso’s coming will block the chances Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima, adding that Shettima is far higher than the former in terms of national politics.

Speaking on the 10th National Assembly, Commander said only Northwest deserved the Senate President and that the South-South has no basis to criticize the decision since they didn’t join forces that form the new government.

“They didn’t work for us, they agaisnt the Muslim-Muslin ticket. They didn’t consider during Jonathan when the president, Senate President and his deputy were all Christians. So now it is time for the North, even in the North, it is time for Barau Jibrin to be the Senate president. This is our choice and is what we are calling for, ” he said.


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