Short Story: Through The Sun’s Eye by Adamu Usman Garko

By Adamu Usman Garko       

There was a stirring wind of predicament when Audu flipped into the gloomy room where Bam stayed. Audu gingerly walked passed us with hungry eyes, even though it wasn’t completely light but we could curiously saw him but without having the thought that Audu was on his way to pluck the forbidden fruit  in yesterday’s breezy morning when the cock was about to split the bliss of a tender dawn.

We didn’t know it was a cruel morning to Bam, we didn’t know Audu was about to raze into the strange places Bam never had had someone there.

Bam laid in bed with a weary body and bemused face, she has never thought such peril could submerged into her without notice, her dimples were wet with tears; tears that were blended with sour yawns.

We sat curiously eager to hear the story of how Audu defiled the maid in her, how Audu spurred into her an acid that couldn’t be ever scoured nor cleansed.

She began telling us the story that sounded strange, story that barricaded us from the angels of happiness.

This time around, the hotness of the words flicker and grew wings, we knew we only saw him passing by, but we didn’t know he passed to cut the desirous happiness of someone’s life, she told us how he dragged the curtain of her room’s window and melted into the darkness, she thought it was just the hovering of papers she slept perusing for tomorrow’s lecture, but it wasn’t, it was Audu the renowned rapist. Since she came to Gambi  to study in Gambi State University, she has never witnessed such a grievous day in her life.

Although she has seen how 18-year-old girls in the university sauntered into boys’ car in the middle of the nights, she has distinguished herself from them, but today in her own room, an evil-minded soul deflowered her for no fault of her own.

We wept and regretted entering into her room to hear the sad story, the story that now became a black lace round our hearts. We yelled until tears could not fall from our eyes, Bam couldn’t cry, the tears that should fall from her swollen eyes evaded. We knew there was something eating her inside.


Adamu Usman Garko is a student of Gombe high school, in Gombe state. He is a poet and story writer. His work has previously appeared at Blueprint newspaper, The Arts-muse Fair, poetry planet, Praxis magazine oline. He was a finalist for the 2018 International Cultural Exchange for Wole Soyinka, (WSICE). And he was the Artist of the Month “September” 2018, of Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation.



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