Sokoto APC gubernatorial ticket and Senator Wammako’s  ‘political wizardry By Ahmadu Dansardauna

By Ahmadu Dansardauna

Change presents humanity with a confounding paradox. Whereas change is constant and inevitable it forebodes a vague sense of unease. Fear of the unknown taunts the nerves of even the valorous of men. Men of destiny however prepare for change, meeting it at the doorstep with secure pace. The date of change may caught some clay footed but quite a handful had no illusion as their mandate and approached inauguration day with precise resoluteness.

The act of leading people is called governance in political parlance. It is an act instituted by God through the people. From the service to the God almighty, going by our holy scriptures we can discover that at different times, those who lead the people from one situation or the other were fully committed, dedicated, steadfast and incorruptible

Leaders require some attributes to be able to attain unrivaled position such as courage, intelligence, foresight, maturity, compassion etc.   Well –positioned and revered leaders normally possess such attributes and therefore, the ability to carry not only their lieutenants but the entire follower-ship. In political context, the ability of a political leader to weird much power and influence is measured on the basis of the soundness of his policies and programmes towards the people welfare.

As Nigeria witnessed change in 2015, come 2019 a handful of states change is inevitable. The only experience that is permanent and constant is change. As political gladiators in Sokoto State begin preparation for the gubernatorial election scheduled for March 2019, the political space is expanding, with more personalities showing interest in the process would produce the next governor of Sokoto state. Though several persons are nursing the ambition for the governorship seat in 2019, it is clear that only one person will occupy the seat. Consequently, there is the need to go into the political market to shop for that leader whose fate is synonymous with the fate of the people.

“Sai Alu” is a political slogan coined by the people of Sokoto state to symbolizes and appreciate the legacies of Senator Aliyu Wammako former governor of Sokoto and leader of APC in Sokoto State. Sen Wammako’s   political artistry and sagacity was tested when two disciples and loyalist of the Alu Political Empire Ahmed Aliyu (The current Deputy of Sokoto State) and Farouk Malami Yabo slug it out in the APC gubernatorial primary election which at the end produce the Deputy Governor, Ahmed Aliyu as the winner.

It is not too much to give due regards to the Chairman, Northern Senators Forum, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko   in his effort at making Sokoto State a state that all Sakkwatawa and Nigerians will be proud of. He has definitely fought a good fight to keep his political family together despite of the running battle he had with his political detractors. No one can deny the fact that Sokoto State has witnessed an attempt at some dynamism in its affairs during his eight year reign a legacy abandoned by his successor.

Senator  Aliyu’s is  gifted ability to solve most complex problems at the snap of a finger, his selfless leadership qualities which radiates confidence and experience saw him into several elective and appointment public offices. The chieftain of the ruling party  crowd pulling magnetism is a unique phenomenon that baffles opponents and is influential for overwhelming victory .He is meticulous person, articulate with vision, a goal winner with exceptional organizational and managerial ability of human resources.

The conflict resolution mechanism to resolve the aftermath of the skirmishes arising from the party primaries between to competent aspirants and undoubtable loyalist ,Senator Wammako facilitates  a reconciliation on between Ahmed Aliyu the APC flagbearer and the runner up, Farouk Malami Yabo a move that produce Yabo as the running mate to Aliyu. The development excites his admirers  as it achieved when   many states are boiling  hot due to  unresolved the  post primary elections crisis.

There is however a lacuna in affairs of Sokoto State relative to other parts of the country. That vacuum is the absence currently of a dynamism in its affairs. By that I mean the ability to approach governance in the state with a holistic and balanced percepts .The new Sokoto should emerge in 2019 is that which will be based on fairness of representation   and participation. It is imperative to note that whoever occupies the governorship position in  Sokoto in 2019 should derive his mandate based on the eligibility of consensus .It is  political eligibility that will be seen to be fair and deserving. A situation that clearly display the political pragmatism of the Magatakarda as the grand master of Sokoto Politics and APC   leader of APC in the state when he combine the duo of Ahmed Aliyu and Farouk Malami Yabo as the flagbearer and running mate respectively. It testimony of Wamakko’s political worth and relevance in Sokoto State.  He revived the APC despite the gale of defections witnessed earlier in the year   nurtured it and made it vibrant through his unrivalled political pragmatism.

Thomas Mann once declared that ‘the destiny of man presents is meaning in political terms ‘. That is to say, in our contemporary experience, it is difficult to make clear separations or distinctions between the politics of life and the life of politics. It is pertinent to state without mincing words that the Ahmed/Yabo team is not coming to mount the saddle in of leadership of the state as green horns in human and resources management.

In all fairness, the flag bearer Ahmed Aliyu is an experienced leader going by his exploits as the current deputy governor of the state. The general consensus is that he is indeed a man of high grade intelligence fully prepared for the task ahead. Since his emergence as the flag bearer, Sokoto State is receiving a boost   both locally and internationally and it is clear he would face the myriads of challenges confronting the state through a well-articulated and multispectral approach with a view to usher in significant transformation in the living of the state.

Undoubtedly, there is a whole new day in Sokoto with palpable enthusiasm as preparations are geared to swept away the old order and the unyielding drive of the people toward the incoming administration of Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto has electrifying air of optimism in the seat of the caliphate. There is whiff of expectations from the people. They are overwhelmingly awaiting the March 2019 gubernatorial polls to vote for a radical departure from politics of subservience to snobbish overloads paying lip service to religious piety and crass insensitivity towards the people’s material and spiritual wellbeing. To Sakkwatawa ,voting Ahmed/Yabo joint ticket is an obligation to returned the state to glory days of Alu administration and governed by a leadership that is accountable to the God and committed to rapid socio-economic transformations through peoples-oriented policies and programmes tailored towards sustainable integrated development.

Today, APC is on its way to forming the next government in Sokoto State come 2015, because all the requisite signs are there with the undying Sokoto SAI ALU slogan still renting the air.  The bottom line is, Governor Wamakko has not betrayed his people, so the people are solidly behind him, and he understands what democracy is by carrying everybody along.

So his choice of Ahmed Aliyu as the flagbearer of the APC in Sokoto is a sign that the state come 2019 will witnessed an upright leadership that is willing to harness the energies of the population to lead purposive, productive, contented and spiritually fulfilling lives while maintaining the state‘s track record of accommodating different, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

The gubernatorial hopeful is ready to expunge previous avenues for wastages through transparent and accountable administration as well as implement his agenda for robust self—reliance policy that will enabled the incoming administration to create multi-faceted job opportunities for the masses ,especially the teeming youth population in the state via massive local and foreign direct investment .With a passion of a zealot ,Ahmed Aliyu will waste no time to determine his drive vision and mission for the state of restoring the lost glory and propelling it to glory days.

Dansardauna wrote this piece from Abuja


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