Ummita: Court adjourns sitting over absence of interpreter


A Kano High Court number 17 sitting at Miller road presided over by Justice Sunusi Ado Ma’aji has adjourned the case hearing of Chinese national, Geng Quangrong, accused of killing his Nigerian lover, Ummukulsum Sani Buhari over absence of interpreter.

At the resumed hearing, defense counsel, Muhammad Dan’azumi moved the motion that the sitting cannot proceed as the accused person needs to be communicated to in the language he understands well.

Speaking shortly, Kano state Attorney General and commissioner of justice, M, A Lawan said, the case cannot be heard as the accused person has the constitutional right to be communicated to in the language he understands.

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“The issue of interpreter was raised which is a constitutional issue and after the last adjournment, we wrote a letter to the Chinese embassy requesting for interpreter because we expected this to happen and I am sure they will do that. That s is why we adjourned the matter to at least three weeks. Ordinarily, it’s supposed to be a week.”

Daily Trust reported that the presided over by Justice Sanusi Ado Ma’aji adjourned the arraignment of Geng Quangrong over absence of defense counsel.

The case has been adjourned to October 27.

Daily Trust reports that Geng is being accused of tresspassing and murdering 23-year old Ummulkulthum Buhari.

The deceased and accused were said to have been dating before the relationship turned sour.


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