Where is Dadiyata? By Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada

By Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada

It doesn’t matter you’re in good terms before you stand by someone in a critical condition, humanity matters irrespective of race, tribe or religion.

The story of Abubakar Idris Dadiyata is a touching one not only to his parents but to any person that have a good heart. He may be good to you and rude to others, he was not only a friend but someone that we shared so many things in common, whenever Kannywood musicians released a new song; Dadiya would be the first to share it with me via WhatsApp.

Like me, he is a lover for Kannywood songs, he was the first to share with me ‘Ruwan Dare’ and ‘Zan Rayu Dake’, these were popular songs among fans of Kannywood few months ago.

Dadiyata was a loving husband to his wife obedient son to his parents and devoted father to his two daughters. I could recall a wonderful moment where i invited him to join me at Ado Bayero Mall Cinema to watch a new kannywood film titled: ‘Ruwan Dare’, unfortunately he didn’t make it.

Myself and Dadiyata were frontline Kwankwasiyya activists and critics of governor Ganduje’s anti masses policies but things fall apart when i decided to quit from the Kwankwasiyya camp for personal and political reasons.

They said politics is dynamic, it has no permanent friend or enemy but permanent interest. Yes it is true but the likes of Dadiyata refused to respect my personal decision.

As a die hard Kwankwasiyya adherent then, i never thought that a day would come where i will be critical to Kwankwaso’s way of politics, i never thought that the people i was chatting, dining with would turn against me for a personal decision. I thought we have become brothers from different mothers.

I thought they would respect my thought, they would engage me constructively without calling me of all sort of names but they unfortunately ended in the opposite and my very good friend Dadiyata was not in exception.

I could vividly recall a day that he phoned me advising that i should reverse my decision of quitting from the Kwankwasiyya camp, if that’s not possible, it would be better that i stop the criticisms against Kwankwaso which i vehemently rejected. Why should someone dictate my freedom of conscience and thought as enshrined in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria?

That’s the beginning of how we parted ways with Dadiyata, i deleted his phone numbers, blocked him on WhatsApp and Facebook after he rained series of abuse on my person but i forgot to do such on twitter.

He later engaged me there and abuse my person, insulted me in a very rudeless manner as if he never knew me in his life, whatever, it has all pass. I have forgiven him.

Our friend Abubakar Idris Dadiyata’s whereabout is still unknown, the DSS has denied any knowledge of his whereabout, he was whisked away by unknown gunmen on August 2 at his residence in Kaduna but to this moment no any good news about the whereabout of this father, husband and son of his beloved parents.

We need to raise our voice and ask the Nigerian Police this question: Where is Dadiyata? It is the duty of the force to to protect our lives and properties, it is their duty to rescue Dadiyata healthy and free from all harm.

The Nigerian Police should come out and make a clarifying statement on the whereabout of this young man, they should tell Nigerians the efforts they are making towards ensuring that he returns to his family safely and in good health.

Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada can be reached on twitter @adnanmoukhtar



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