Why Hon. Abubakar Kabir (ABBA Bichi) is the best House of Rep member we ever had – Hamshaqi


By Ibrahim Abdullahi Muhammad (Hamshaqi)

Hon. Abubakar Kabir Abubakar is a member of federal house of representatives, representing Bichi federal constituency in Nigeria. He is unarguably the best representative Nigeria ever had in history, because he brings the giants developmental strides that no single representative brought to his/her constituency. He is the competent and ebullient leader that can be regarded as a political saint.

I intended to succinctly itemize the developmental strides brought by the Hon. Abubakar K. Abubakar despite the fact that even those outside Bichi federal constituency know them very well and benefited from them. This is because, he brought power substation in Bichi local government which attracts companies and some individual entrepreneurs. This will definitely decrease unemployment rate not only in Bichi local government but also in northern part of Kano.

Abubakar K. Abubakar can be considered as the saviour of education in Bichi local government because, he sponsors primary school pupils, secondary school students and tertiary institutions students up to the PhD scholarship in Bichi.

Hon. Abubakar K. Abubakar entombed the problem of water scarcity in Bichi by building 130 solar powered bore holes.

In terms of employment, Abubakar K. Abubakar has struggled and secured more than 300 federal government appointments to his constituents. In addition, he gave more than 1000 motorcycle, tricycles and cars for the welfare of his constituents.

In terms of infrastructure, Hon. Abubakar K. Abubakar built 3 hospitals, 100 class rooms and 52 roads enriched with more than 1000 street lamps.

Moreover, Hon. has recently rehabilitated the monumental entrances of Bichi Emirate, distributed fertilizer to the farmers and empowered more 30000 women

Based on all this, I Hamshaqi concluded that Hon. Abubakar K. Abubakar is right person to represent us again because all that I mentioned were done in one tenure.

Ibrahim Abdullahi Muhammad, is a die hard supporter of Abubakar Kabir Abubakar (Abba Bichi) and he wrote from Kano.


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