Why Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeagu deserves to lead Labour Party in Sokoto State


    …Only betrayers, enemies of Sokoto LP are against him

    A group of Concern Citizens in Sokoto state Chapter of the Labor Party (LP) has debunked the rumors ongoing, that an ally of the party and philanthropist of the state, Mr Ifeanyi Ezeagu is not qualified to be the leader of the party in the state, hiding behind the umbrella that he is not a citizen of the state.

    The group also expressed dismay over allegations against the man, Mr Ifeanyi Ezeagu, who has dedicated his life, resources, wealth and energy to see the progress of the youth in the state, as well as supporting the less privileged. His humanitarian assistance to the populace is visible and many people can attest to that considering the various roles he plays in the society.

    The group, through the former acting state chairman of LP, Gazali Sidi Buhari said it is surprising that someone called Chindo, despite his greediness and series of allegations, wrote in one platform putting some allegations on Mr. Ifeanyi, while he (Chindo) was also a beneficiary of his kind gestures.

    He said Mr. Ifeanyi and Chindo parted ways when Chindu betrayed him of a huge amount of money given to him for distribution to people, members and leaders of the party in the state and the Northwest region, but later turned the money to his personal use.

    “Instead of him bragging and making unnecessary allegations, Chindo should bring out all the money given to him by Mr. Ifeanyi for distribution for the grassroots Mobilization of agents. He didn’t give them the money, he gave only a few of them. He didn’t even tell his excos that Mr. Ifeanyi had given him the money.

    “Also, Mr. Ifeanyi gave him money for distribution to the forum of Northwest Chairman of the party for their logistics when they had a meeting with him in Abuja, but he didn’t give them. This is in addition to the official car given to him by Mr. Ifeanyi to make his job easier and faster. This shows that Chindo is not only a betrayer, but also a corrupt and untrusted person,” he said.

    According to him, on the other hand, they worried much about the fact that Ifeanyi is from other part of the country, not knowing that the constitution has given him the rights and privilege to live everywhere in as much as he will respect their people, culture and religion, which Mr. Ifeanyi is fond of doing. There were instances in Nigeria where people from the North got elected as councillors, and LG chairmen and to some extent appointed as commissioners in the south.

    To many people in Sokot state, Mr. Ifeanyi Ezeagu performs better than some indigenes, and deserves to be regarded as indigene of the state based on his track records and history of his services to humanity.

    “After reading this write up I got really sad, not because this write-up is touching, but I felt really sad because I’m disappointed at the level of betrayal and dishonesty, from some of the sole-called leaders in LP concerning (Abdulrahman Chindo, and his greedy and selfish team of numerous supporters, who has nothing to offer to Mr P.O and Datti Campaign movement, but rather cheap criminals who all looking for every means to boycott the funds/resources made for this movement.)  Honestly, I’m disappointed in Chindu.

    “This is a pure example of the saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. This Guy called Chindo is a cheap criminal, him and his elites or what they call themselves. Their grievance is that Mr P.O and Datti did not give them the money made for this campaign, because Mr. PO and Datti want to ensure that the money is invested wisely to the purpose of wish it was meant for.

    “After reading this write-up, I felt really bad, now I understand why you said that some of your brothers are fighting you because you did not support their evil agenda.

    It’s clear and obvious that the mission of this guy called Chindo is to hijack this movement for his own selfish interest, but I’m grateful to God that this movement is not an Igbo, Husa, Muslim, or Christian movement. But rather it’s a pure Nigeria and Nigerian agenda (movement), and as such once you are a Nigerian, and have the interest of Nigerians at heart, Mr P.O and Datti will work with you regardless of your tribe, religion, or culture.

    Just to mention but few, Chindo has not been an honest leader to his state exco, and I’m sure that his exco are not aware that Mr Ifeaniy gave Chindo (towards last year ending) some huge sum of money to give to L.P state excos, but Chindo eat the money only him and didn’t give the money to his executives, and I’m sure they are not even aware of the actual amount he gave to them, assuming he shared the money with few of them,
    Ask Mr Ifeanyi yourself he may tell you.

    He gave Chindo the money in the Barcelona Hotel in Abuja with other money for logistics (flight and accommodation) to see them through going back to Sokoto. It was to my greatest surprise to later find out that Chindo didn’t do as Mr Ifeanyi had instructed him, but rather showed his greedy nature by boycotting the rest of the state exco and keeping all the money for himself.

    I pray that one day the truth will prevail. If not because of the love Mr Ifeanyi has for this country, and the respect he has for you Obi/Datti, Mr Ifeanyi would have quit this movement to ask Yawale.

    How can someone that has invested over N600 millions of his own hard-earned money, and is still willing to do more, not be able to manage a token of a few million given to him to ensure that things  are done right (for Sokoto rally?).

    “I will urge Nigerians to look at the profile and the background of the man behind this accusation before throwing stones. I’m highly disappointed with Chindo, and his type will keep being exposed in this movement. Isha Allah,” he concluded.


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