Why Northern emirates must support Kannywood actors–Zazzau emirate chief

Dr. Shamsuddeen Aliyu Mai-Yasin (Centre with turban)a representative of the Zazzau (Zaria) Emirate at the Showing of Wakili Hausa comedy in Kano. Photo credit: SANI MAIKATANGA

A top official of the Zaria (Zazzau) emirate, Dr. Shamsuddeen Aliyu Mai-yasin has called on other major northern emirates such as Kano and Sokoto to support Kannywood actors to produce films that would accurately depict the roles of Hausa traditional institutions.

Dr. Aliyu, made the call in Kano during the showing of Wakili, a Hausa comedy that portrays how some traditional title holders abuse the trust of northern emirs.

He said the movie was produced in collaboration with the Zazzau emirate under Alhaji Shehu Idris, in order to draw the attention of traditional title holders on the need to be diligent and loyal to emirs while conducting their duties according to instructions.

“This film is about the northern traditional institution and shows how our emirs are being represented by their subordinates. It examines the representatives of our top emirs. For instance, while some title holders such as district heads (hakimai) or village heads (dagatai) do their best to follow the directives of emirs in their domains, others abuse their powers by cheating and harming the masses.

“The lessons in the film is for those title holders who are misrepresenting our emirs to understand that the world is watching them and expects them to the the right thing,” he said.

The royal chief expressed satisfaction with how the actors in the film were able to accurate depict the plot of the movie and pass the message “very well”.

“We used to think that Kannywood actors were irresponsible people who show nudity and other immoral acts, but now we understand that they are morally upright people with good home training.

“We understand that these actors only act out scripts that are given to them by producers. This is why we have not regret in collaborating with them to produce this particular movie (Wakili),” he added.

Dr. Aliyu therefore called on Sokoto caliphate and Kano emirates to also support the Kannywood actors to produce films about Hausa traditional institution and culture.

“Sokoto and Kano emirates need to study this project and also contribute in future works. We are also calling on states and federal government to financially support the Hausa film industry in order to generate more jobs which will contribute to peace in the north,” he said, adding that the Zazzau emirate would write officially to potential stakeholders.

DAILYFOCUS reports that Wakili–a Hausa comedy, depicts how a tyrannical traditional ruler oppresses his subjects by trampling on their rights. But the despot is eventually exposed after he is found chasing other peoples wives and daughters.

The film features various actors including award-winning stars like Ali Nuhu, Hadiza Gabon, Falalu Dorayi, Tijjani Asase, Hajara Isa, Aminu Momoh, Daushe and Bosho among others.


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