Why Zamfara violence is beyond Buhari’s control–Cleric

A Kano-based Islamic scholar Sheikh Abdallah Gadon-Kaya has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot end the persistent killings in Zamfara state because some influential individuals across Nigeria have a hand in the violence.

Gadon-Kaya, who made the shocking revelation in an undated video clip obtained by DailyFocus, said the carnage in Zamfara was deliberately orchestrated by prominent people both within and outside the state so that they could extract gold deposits from the areas affected by the crisis.

He said: “Let me tell you a secret, we are telling you so that it can spread and reach the ears of prominent people. Someone may ask why the killings in Zamfara state continue to persist.

“The reason is that there are some prominent individuals in this country, this is not the time to reveal their names but I know them, they are highly-placed people from the North.

“In Zamfara state there are very large amount of gold deposits and other highy valued mineral resources. These prominent people are those that are extracting these resources and exporting them to foreign countries where they sell them and make humongous amount of money.

“So, the idea is that if the residents in those areas are allowed to live in peace, their attention would be drawn to the gold extraction activity and they might begin to talk. This is why crisis must be created so that everyone would be confused. In this way, the peasants would just be concerned about their lives, livestock and food, meanwhile those extracting the gold deposits are busy doing their work without interference. Wallahi (I swear by Allah), this is what is happening.

“These influential people are have links and relationship with top government and security officials including the military authorities. Therefore, anyone prominent person in the state who tries to raise alarm would just be bribed and he would remain silent. This is why the carnage would not stop.

“It is the same with what is happening in Borno. All this terrorist activities in Sambisa forest are deliberately planned because there are crude oil deposits in the area. They will never allow the people to remain in peace if they want to extract oil without raising suspicion.

“Our leaders and other influential persons are aware of whatever criminal activities happening in this country. But the moment you talk, they would send security agents after you to start querying why you are talking. But we have to tell the common man even if we are going to be killed because that is the truth.

“And even the president is aware of these things but it is beyond his control. When he (Buhari) sends deploys soldiers to stop the killings, the soldiers have to also obey their superiors. And the senior military officers also have interest in making money. So, it is just the issue of greed and selfishness. They don’t care if we are all killed as long as they would make money.

“Sheikh Ahmad Suleiman (a Qur’an reciter, who was recently rescued from kidnappers) was telling me that at the time of his release, his abductors were crying and asking him to pray for them to stop their evil activities.

“They are begging him to pass their message that the government should negotiate with them because they are tired of abducting and killing innocent people just to make money for their masters.

“The Sheikh told me that there are thousands of these kidnappers spread in the forests with new sophisticated weapons that are better than the ones our military use. You can see a soldier hanging a 40-year-old rifle that is even older than him. How do you expect him to tackle these kidnappers with that kind of weapon?

“One person from Zamfara was also telling me that they normally see helicopters coming into their villages in the dead of night to drop arms for the bandits.”

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